About Josh

What would you do with a second life?

A Pennsylvania native, Josh Mantz is a professional speaker, author, and the founder and CEO of Darker Souls, LLC, and training and consulting organization focused on psychological trauma, resilience, and optimal performance.  

He's a 2005 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he majored in Arabic language studies.  After graduation, Mantz deployed to Iraq where he led an Infantry platoon through a successful counterinsurgency operation in Baghdad.  One April 21st, 2007, he and another member of his platoon were shot and killed by an enemy sniper.  Josh died for a full 15 minutes before a military trauma team brought him back to life.  Dspite the catastrophic nature of his wound, Josh recovered in just 4 months, and then volunteered to go back to Baghdad and finish the deployment with his team.  Shortly afterwards, Josh was called to utilize his harrowing experiences to impact the paradigm of emotional trauma and deliver hope to those who needed it, eventually taking command of a large behavioral health organization in the military.

Focused heavily on first responder and military populations, Josh's focus revolves around the resolution of the moral, ethical, and spiritual implications of trauma.

His journey is chronicled in his best-selling book, The Beauty of a Darker Soul, and he continues to deliver inspirational talks on an international scale, being profiled in the New York Times, CNN, FOX News, and TEDx Santo Domingo, among others.

Josh medically retired from military service in 2014, and subsequently joined Tesla Motors where he shaped their leadership development program and helped launch their employee engagement platform as an HR Business Partner.  He subsequently joined Acadia Healthcare, the largest behavioral health company in the world.  Finding himself continuously called to focus on psychological trauma and uncovering the challenges associated with the healthcare industry, Josh founded Darker Souls and currently leads this company full-time.

He currently resides in San Jose, California, and is also pursuing a Master's degree in Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies.