Darker Souls LLC
Darker Souls LLC

    The Vision

    "Creativity is the Inverse of Trauma." -Josh Mantz

    We envision a synergistic culture that surrounds people with the relationships needed to participate in a lifelong healing process; where the darkness of suffering no longer hides in the shadows but instead yields to the power of light; a society where people retain the freedom to validate their deepest pain and transform it into a source of impenetrable strength. Psychological trauma is infused within every facet of our culture and underlays many of the greatest individual and collective challenges we face today. In order to leave the world in a better place for subsequent generations, we must break through the psychological prison of our past, integrate our experiences into the present, and relentlessly create a new paradigm across the domains of body, mind, and spirit. 

    Our Mission

    By 2030, Darker Souls will eliminate the barriers surrounding psychological trauma in order to facilitate nationwide, universal access to lifelong processes of transformation and growth.  We will accomplish this by:

    1. Shattering the misperceptions surrounding trauma by relentlessly delivering transformational talks and workshops worldwide.
    2. Preparing leaders with the knowledge required to optimize their organizational culture and overcome adversity.
    3. Educating, training, and consulting with treatment providers and organizations to establish productive relationships with their clients.     

    Why Us?

    Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Whether you're in session with a client, working with a member of your team, or partnering with a consultant, its imperative to inherently understand each other in order to move cohesively forward toward a common objective.  We have an immense responsibility to work synergistically to maximize our collective impact. Darker Souls partners with organizations who have a like-minded, vested interest in making a sustainable impact to this field.  By entering into a relationship with us, your entering into a tribe of committed professionals who are collectively changing the paradigm.  

    "We Never Quit"

    This short video captures Josh's near-death experience and the heroic efforts of the medical team who saved his life.  (Filmed by American Zealot Productions)

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