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Josh is a highly sought-after speaker and advocate who travels domestically and internationally to conduct speaking engagements and workshops for a wide variety of audiences. His talks can be tailored to meet the goals of almost any organization or event. As a starting point for planning your event, we invite you to review some of Josh’s most popular talks below. Please feel free to reach out for more information. We look forward to shaping an unforgettable message for your team.

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The Beauty of A Darker Soul

This inspirational talk takes takes you through Josh’s harrowing near-death experience and his subsequent recovery, and then demonstrates how he leverages the traumatic experiences in his personal life to empathize with others to help them heal. Nothing is more powerful in overcoming trauma that the power of human connection, and all of us have the capacity to help each other heal.

Leadership: Empathy, Humility, and Selflessness

Explore the leadership traits that naturally emerged for Josh as he led in a multitude of different environments. Whether it’s leading cross-cultural infantry and police units in Baghdad, driving the expansion of a national non-profit organization, or stabilizing medical units there are common factors that were fundamental to building, leading, and bringing out the absolute best in every team. This talk is pertinent to any organization who places emphasis on leadership development, and can be tailored to support the leadership principles of the respective organization.

The Truth Behind Trauma

Trauma is not always what it seems. Despite being a national advocate within the behavioral health field for years and helping hundreds of people turn their lives around, it took Josh nearly 10 years to uncover the root cause of his own pain. This is Josh’s most personal message. He takes you through the journey of his internal collapse wrought with depression, anxiety, and suicidal spirals Ultimately, his near-death experience was the least of it.


Flipping the COIN

Counterinsurgency. It’s considered to be the graduate level of warfare due to its complexity. It defines the modern operating environment throughout the world and pushes our military personnel, police, and first responders to emotional extremes. Yet, few understand it - and even fewer understand the complex challenges it presents to our emotional state. This half-day to full-day workshop walks through the fundamentals of counterinsurgency and the moral injuries that are inherent to it. This content is essential for police forces, military personnel, and the clinical providers who work with these populations.

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