Media Emotional Trauma, Human Connection, and the Quest to Heal

Many of the most complex elements of trauma aren't often discussed. The emotions generated from these experiences can be so damaging and difficult to comprehend that they prevent us from finding the words to describe it. We isolate and keep it to ourselves as a result. This usually isn't intentional, but rather subconscious.

Josh found a way to break through these barriers on stage. To write the book and develop his talks, he intentionally sat with his darkest demons for years until he found the words to describe them in ways that would be both beneficial and productive for people struggling with the same.

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We encourage you to look into the book, The Beauty of a Darker Soul, or inquire with Darker Souls to book Josh Mantz to speak at your event.

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TEDx Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic - 2015

In this talk, Josh Mantz recounts some of the riveting details of his near-death experience, describing exactly what it felt like to die. He then moves on to speak about the deeper moral challenges associated with traumatic experiences and how we can find the strength within each other to heal.

Speaking Highlight Video

This is a short compilation of select talks and interviews that Josh has delivered over the years. In it, you’ll find some of the most crucial aspects of the message he shares today.



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