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Millions of people struggle with unresolved emotional trauma. Our mission is to help them persevere through their greatest battle.

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Talks on emotional trauma and the quest to heal.

Trauma doesn't discriminate. It comes in many shapes and forms and impacts people from every walk of life. Too often, the damaging emotions that emerge from these experiences are misunderstood and overlooked. Explore talks and interviews that address the reality of trauma's most complex wounds. Recognizing and validating the true source of your pain is the first step towards recovery.

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Josh Mantz, the founder of Darker Souls, was a young platoon leader in Iraq when a sniper bullet severed his femoral artery, leading to a harrowing near-death experience. What followed was a decade-long emotional struggle as he sought to find meaning in a second life. Ultimately, he learned that our greatest strength is found within the connection we share with each other.

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The pain of a wounded soul is unmistakable.

Joshua Mantz — Founder of Darker Souls

The Darker Souls book

This is a book of finding beauty within the darkness. Major (ret.) Josh Mantz first walks you through the details of a harrowing near-death experience and shares the profound insights that came with it. He then takes you through the decade-long emotional struggle that he endured that led to his collapse, highlighting the near-fatal pitfalls he encountered along the way. He then closes the book by providing you with the central truths that emerged throughout the healing process that kept him alive along the way, and ultimately allowed him to find meaning within the suffering. His greatest hope is that this book will empower you to do the same.

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